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Office: Dolan Science Center E250
Phone: 216.397.1948

About Me

I was an decent student through high school who entered college wanting to teach high school maths. During college I took my classes seriously, but was (perhaps overly) involved in student activities including music, sport, Greek life, and academic honoraries. Through field experience in my education classes, I quickly realized that I didn't want to spend the rest of my life in a high school. Around the same time I started taking upper level mathematics courses (beyond calculus) and started to really enjoy maths.

Deciding that I wanted to teach at the college level, I went to Miami (Ohio) for my Master's degree, where I took my first course in graph theory -- which I liked so much it became the field of research for my continued mathematical training. Wanting to teach something above calculus but unsure if I was cut out for a PhD, I ultimately decided to enroll in the PhD program at University of Colorado Denver before life caught up with me (i.e. before I started making an actual salary to give up if I decided to go back to grad school).

Fortunately the PhD attempt worked out. I spent a couple years at Davidson College (a small liberal arts college in North Carolina) and then a few more at Northern Kentucky University (a regional comprehensive university in the greater Cincinnati area) before coming to John Carroll University. I love collaborating on interesting projects, which is especially true for students (so come talk to me if you have or want an idea).

As a Cleveland native, it's really wonderful to be living and working close to family with my spouse, child, and dog (Vizsla-mix around 60 lbs). I've run a few marathons, completed a half IronMan triathlon, and enjoy hiking, back-country camping, and hosting get-togethers with friends.

Academic Appointments

2022- Assistant Professor at John Carroll University
2018-2022 Assistant Professor at Northern Kentucky University
2016-2018 Teaching Postdoctoral Fellow at Davidson College


2016 Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics at University of Colorado Denver
2012 M.S. in Mathematics at Miami University
2010 B.S. in Mathematics at Ohio Northern University