Research Interests

My primary mathematical research interests align with my mathematical training in graph theory, but I am increasingly interested in investigating how best to support student learning. Overall, I tend toward collaborative research. Do you have an interesting something to investigate? I might be interested too. Let's talk!

Are you a student looking to explore something of interest (perhaps for the first time)? I might be interested in exploring with you. Let's talk!

Are you a student looking for a research opportunity but don't have a specific topic in mind? Graph theory is a great area where you can quickly get your hands dirty playing around with ideas before really digging in. Let's talk!

Works Indexed by MathSciNet (i.e. published mathematical results)

Note: * indicates co-author was an undergraduate student at the time of research
  1. List-Antimagic Labeling of Vertex-Weighted Graphs (with Z. Berikkyzy, S. Jahanbekam, V. Larsen, and D. Rorabaugh) in Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (2021)
  2. Additive List Coloring of Planar Graphs with Given Girth (with S. Jahanbekam and J. White) in Discussiones Mathematicae Graph Theory (2020)
  3. Planar Graphs with Girth 20 are Addivtively 3-Choosable (with N. Tenpas* and C. Yerger) in Discrete Applied Math (2020)
  4. An Alternative Approach for Bounding the Additive Choice Number of Planar Graphs (with N. Tenpas* and C. Yerger) in Congressus Numerantium (2018)
  5. A Robber Locating Strategy for Trees (with J. Diemunsch, C. Erbes, J. LeGrand, and C. Moffat) in Discrete Applied Mathematics (2017)
  6. Stability and Turan numbers of a class of hypergraphs via Lagrangians (with D. Irwin and T. Jiang) in Combinatorics, Probability, and Computing (2017)
  7. I,F-Partitions of Sparse Graphs (with M. Ferrara, M. Kumbhat, S. Loeb, D. Stolee, and M. Yancee) in European Journal of Combinatorics (2016)
  8. Local Gap Colorings From Edge Labelings (with B. Moran*, K. Nepal, F. Pfender, and D. Sigler) in Australasian Journal of Combinatorics (2016)

Works Not Indexed by MathSciNet (i.e. dissemination of other academic efforts)

  1. Tic-Tac-Whoa! in "Teaching Mathematics Through Games" edited by M. Capaldi and published by AMS/MAA Press Classroom Resource Materials (2021)