Teaching Philosophy

My primary goal as an educator is to facilitate students' academic and personal growth. To do so, it is important that students encounter new experiences, be exposed to new ideas and perspectives, and learn how to constructively challenge their preconceptions. The principles that guide the decisions I make include setting and supporting high expectations, active engagement, broadening perspectives, and continued personal development. Recently, I have worked to incorporate social topics into my mathematics classrooms as examples of how mathematical thinking skills can help navigate our complex world. If you are interested in more details, the most recent iteration of my teaching philosophy is available here. (Last updated Feb 2022)

Current Efforts

I am currently working to transition my assessment methods to a standards based grading system that emphasize grades reflecting understanding of concepts and motivates learning for the sake of learning. When I have time to wonder, I think about what a mathematics major might look like without such a heavy emphasis on Calculus and how that could open new pathways into mathematics that no longer exacerbate inequities established by the K-12 education system.

Latest Approach for Courses Taught

Previous Experiences